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Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Vertical ( Fully Automatic ) – GMP Model

  • Double body construction,  single chamber for steam and water, covered externally by outer shell.
  •  Lid made of thick stainless steel, pressure upto 22 PSI factory set at 15 PSI.
  •  Complete unit with automatic air purging, Digital Temperature control & Indication with 0.1°c Accuracy/ Resolution, with electronic Digital timer range 0 to 99 min.
  •  Autoclaving time cycle automatically starts when set pressure is achieved.
  •  Automatic steam release once autoclaving cycle complete.
  •  Complete with pressure gauge, safety valve, steam release valve, extra safety valve.
  •  Incorporated with an Automatic Pressure Control Switch as an additional safety device.
  •  Low Water level cut-off : Low water level cut-off assembly connected to heater which automatically cuts off power to heater if water level is not sufficient thus eliminating heater burn outs.
  •  Foot lifting arrangement included for Capacity 125 Ltr. and above. Not included/required for lower sizes.
  •  Provided with S.S. L-304 grade perforated basket.
  •  Unit works on 230 V Ac, 50 Hz.

Standard Model – HIPL- 001 C

  •  Inner body made of heavy gauge Stainless Steel LM-304 grade with argon welded joints, outer body made of S.S. LM-304 grade mirror finished
  •  Provided with Validation Documents.
Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Vertical ( Fully Automatic ) – GMP Model